‘Timescape: Kolkata’ is an Augmented Reality app implementation that allows mobile-phone users to explore rare archival images and data about heritage sites in Kolkata, as they walk through the city.

How to Install

First, you need to download and install the Layar® App on your iOS or Android device (available at: https://www.layar.com/mobile-download/). Once installed either search for the “Timescape: Kolkata” layer in the “Search for layers” option in the left hand menu or click this link to load the content.

Once the layer has loaded it will display the nearby points of interest.

How to Use

As you point your phone camera at a particular location, the app recognises where you are in the city, drawing on recorded geo-coordinates. The image on your screen will then be ‘augmented’ by a corresponding nineteenth century photograph.‘Timescape: Kolkata’ allows you to see the Past in the Present, along with a host of additional information that you can access with a single click or swipe.